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Scientists start world's largest particle collider

By ALEXANDER G. HIGGINS, Associated Press Writer

GENEVA - Scientists fired the first beam of protons around a 17-mile tunnel on Wednesday in science's next great step to understand the makeup of the universe.

The Large Hadron Collider — built since 2003 at a cost of $3.8 billion — will provide scientists with much greater power than ever before to smash the components of atoms in a bid to see how they are made.

Project leader Lyn Evans gave the go-ahead to send the protons into the accelerator below the Swiss-French border.

The startup — eagerly awaited by 9,000 physicists around the world who will conduct experiments here — comes over the objections of some skeptics who fear the collisions of protons could eventually imperil the earth.

The skeptics theorize that a byproduct of the collisions could be micro black holes, subatomic versions of collapsed stars whose gravity is so strong they can suck in planets and other stars.

"It's nonsense," said James Gillies, chief spokesman for CERN, the host European Organization for Nuclear Research, before early Wednesday's start.

CERN is backed by leading scientists like Britain's Stephen Hawking in dismissing the fears and declaring the experiments to be absolutely safe.

Gillies told the AP that the most dangerous thing that could happen would be if a beam at full power were to go out of control, and that would only damage the accelerator itself and burrow into the rock around the tunnel deep below the Swiss-French border.

And full power is probably a year away.

"On Wednesday we start small," said Gillies. "What we're putting in to start with is one single low intensity bunch at low energy and we thread that around. We get experience with low energy things and then we ramp up as we get to know the machine better."

He said a good result for Wednesday would be to have one beam going all the way around the tunnel in a counterclockwise direction. If that works, the scientists will then try to send a beam in the other direction.

"A really good result would be to have the other beam going around, too, because once you've got a beam around once in both directions you know that there is no show stopper," Gillies said. "It's going to work."

However, if there is some blockage in the machine, experts will have to go in and fix the problem, and that could take time.

The LHC, as the collider is known, will take scientists to within a split second of a laboratory recreation of the big bang, which they theorize was the massive explosion that created the universe.

The project organized by the 20 European member nations of CERN has attracted researchers of 80 nationalities. Some 1,200 are from the United States, an observer country which contributed $531 million. Japan, another observer, also is a major contributor.

The collider is designed to push the proton beam close to the speed of light, whizzing 11,000 times a second around the tunnel.

Smaller colliders have been used for decades to study the makeup of the atom. Less than 100 years ago scientists thought protons and neutrons were the smallest components of an atom's nucleus, but in stages since then experiments have shown they were made of still smaller quarks and gluons and that there were other forces and particles.

The CERN experiments could reveal more about "dark matter," antimatter and possibly hidden dimensions of space and time. It could also find evidence of the hypothetical particle — the Higgs boson — believed to give mass to all other particles, and thus to matter that makes up the universe.

Some scientists have been waiting for 20 years to use the LHC. But even their younger colleagues are excited that startup has finally arrived.

"I think it's a very important project," said Katie McAlpine, 23, a Michigan State University graduate who made a rap video about the project.

"It's mostly out of scientific curiosity, what is the universe made of? How does it work? What are the rules? That's very exciting and it's important to advance our knowledge," she told Associated Press Television News.

She said she was surprised by the success of the video, which has had more than a million views on YouTube and which has received approval from CERN for its scientific accuracy, especially in its success with young people.

"I was really hoping that this would get taken into classrooms," McAlpine said. "I don't imagine that elementary school and most middle school children will understand it very well, but a lot of parents have e-mailed me, saying I have a 9-year-old or a 7-year-old and showed them your rap and they really love it.

"If elementary kids can get excited about it, too, that's just great."

On the Net:

CERN: http://www.cern.ch 

The U.S. at the LHC: http://www.uslhc.us/ 

Large Hadron Rap http://www.youtube.com/watch?vf6aU-wFSqt0

轉貼自︰ http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080910/ap_on_re_eu/big_bang



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在 SPACE 的限制下,JS語法是完全不能使用的,也因此,MSN SPACE很難大量應用BLOG許多流行的功能和外掛。


還好 SANDBOX HTML 可以使用 iframe 語法,透過這個語法,你可以不用在乎SANDBOX的限制字數,因為只要把網頁掛進去,主要的功能都在被掛進去的網頁中。




接著你要在 SPACE 使用一個 SANDBOX HTML 工具,然後用iframe語法把剛剛編輯上傳完的網頁載入,這樣就大功告成了。


iframe 的基本語法:


<iframe src="http://www.xxx.xxx/xxx/xxx.html" frameborder="0" width="150" height="400" ></iframe>(請自行將語法頭尾的 <>全形符號換成半形的<> )



height="x"   設定高度。

width="x"    設定寬度。

frameborder="x     設定框架顯示與否。不要框線可以填入0或no。

marginheight="x"   設定框架內容垂直方向留空白。

marginwidth="x"    設定框架內容水平方向留空白。

scrolling="x"   NO為取消自動捲軸,若要保留自動捲軸,可填入YES。預設值為auto

align="x'   控制框架內容的對齊方式,包括: left, right, center




你可以參考 能量魔法 左邊,小綠人已經測試很久的GOOGLE廣告。(如果你用火狐,而且有裝檔廣告的外掛,你可能就看不到,可以用IE來看。)

你也可以參考我左邊的 Mybloglog 和 MyICON 的應用。





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惱人的廣告|Spaces 快速刪除留言






趕快連到 http://mobile.spaces.live.com/ 登入你的 Spaces。



PS:最近都在別處玩耍,嚴重拖稿,真是對不起各位:P  我有在努力生了啦XDD


Msn hack 2007 hacking password Hack-World.net by puridee







台灣MSN首頁遭轉址記者馬培治/台北報導 2007/09/06 21:03:02 微軟MSN台灣地區首頁今(6)日傳出遭轉址的事件,微軟在傍晚表示問題已經排除。













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步驟如下   供給有相關困擾的參考




之後按ctrl+f 搜尋 login.live.com


之後  delete砍掉它     因該就ok可以登入了

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若原來刪除又困難 請進入安全模式刪檔

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 raysource是一個P2P的客戶端應用程序開發的射線團隊,支持文件共享和上傳,流媒體或視頻點播流。 User who does not want to install RaySource thus unable and cannot download the requested file, as no download link is provided.用戶誰不想要安裝raysource ,因此無法和無法下載所請求的文件,由於沒有下載鏈接提供。

It’s still possible to directly download the shared file hosted on Fs2You without installing or using RaySource with a few tricks or workarounds.它的,仍然有可能直接下載共享文件設於fs2you沒有安裝或使用raysource與幾個訣竅或替代方法。 For those who willing to try, when on the Fs2You file download page, copy and paste the following line of code to address bar and hit Enter:對於那些誰願意嘗試,當對fs2you文件下載頁,複製並粘貼以下代碼行地址欄和回車鍵:

javascript:window.setTimeout=null;showDirectDownload() JavaScript的: window.settimeout =空; showdirectdownload ( )

The “Please download or update RaySource first” text in the “Download Link” will instantly turn into actual Download link. “請下載或更新raysource第一”的文字在“下載鏈接”將立即轉入實際的下載鏈接。 Click on the Download link to download directly with HTTP protocol.按一下下載鏈接,下載,直接與HTTP協議。

Another alternative is to use Firefox.另外一個替代方案是使用Firefox 。 RaySource is not supported in Firefox. raysource是不支持在Firefox 。 So instead of asking user to please install or upgrade RaySource first, Firefox user will see a message that says, in broken English, “This file has a terrible leech problem.因此,而非要求用戶請安裝或升級raysource首先, Firefox的用戶將看到一條消息稱,在打破了英語, “這檔案有一個可怕的水蛭的問題。 If you have trouble to download this file, please open this page with IE, and you will find a RaySource way to download, which is much reliable,” with direct download link readily appear.如果你有麻煩,要下載此文件,請打開此頁使用IE ,你會發現raysource方法來下載,這是值得信賴的, “直接下載連結,很容易出現。

However, even if you have the direct download link, the download may not starts.不過,即使你有沒有直接的下載鏈接,下載可能無法啟動。 When click on Download link of Fs2You hosted file, it may prompt error message “Too many downloads, please come back later.當點擊下載鏈接的fs2you主辦的文件,它可能會提示錯誤訊息: “有太多的下載,請稍後再試。 You may try the download software (Raysource) to download it with IE.” instead.您可以嘗試下載軟體( raysource )下載它與即“不是。 Of course, no file been downloaded.當然,沒有文件被下載。 In such cases, the other than waiting for download slot, the only other choice is to use Thunderbolt from在這種情況下,以外的其他等待下載插槽,唯一的其他選擇是使用迅雷從 Xunlei.com xunlei.com (僅如果您知道中國語文) ,即可以搜索其他用戶的硬盤,為有意下載,下載檔案,從xunlei用戶而不是fs2you 。(only if you know Chinese language), that able to search other users’ hard disk for the intended downloads, and download the file from Xunlei users instead of Fs2You. (僅如果您知道中國語文) ,即可以搜索其他用戶的硬盤,為有意下載,下載檔案,從xunlei用戶而不是fs2you 。

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這個小程式~~~最近頻頻有人在 GOOGLE、大陸的百度、雅虎搜尋

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EndNote X1工具列無法正常出現於Word中, 主要乃因 EndNote Cwyw.dot 這個檔案未複製至正確的路徑之下.
(Endnote X1版中的 EndNote Cwyw.dot , 可在 C:\p
rogram files\Endnote X1\Product-Support\CWYW\下找到)

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修改 Windows XP 設定的秘技
1. 在登入畫面連續按兩次〔Ctrl+Alt+Delete〕便會出現一個像 Windows 2000 的登入畫面,
在〔使用者名稱〕填上〔Administrator〕,在〔密碼〕處填上安裝 Windows XP 時 Administrator 的密碼

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作者: ACGB (來下五子棋吧~) 看板: MSNmessenger
標題: [分享] MSN Messenger 7.0 常見問題~

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發展工業: (在網址後加上 /ind ) 需人口數: 50 人


發展交通: (在網址後加上 /tra ) 需人口數: 100人


發展安全: (在網址後加上 /sec )


發展環境: (在網址後加上 /env )


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由於I’m Vlog網站對於下載影片的方法做了一些防護,一些專門用來解析YouTube影片檔位址的網站,都無法正確抓出I’m Vlog網站影片的正確Flv檔的網址了。不過,透過下面的方法還是可以把Vlog影片的FLV檔的正確網址給挖出來,把flv檔網址挖出來後,就可以直接使用FlashGet來下載囉。

首先必須安裝下面這套「影音嗅探專家(msniffer)」軟體,他的工作是用來監控本機電腦中的網路流量,只要設定好要監控的檔案類型,按下〔開始捕捉〕按鈕後,再去I’m Vlog網站上播放你要下載的影片,「影音嗅探專家(msniffer)」軟體便會自動將該影片的正確Flv影片檔案網址給顯示在畫面中。


找到正確網址後,我們只要將此網址複製下來,再用支援串流檔下載功能的FlashGet下載軟體來下載Flv檔即可!這樣的方法幾乎萬無一失吧?除非該檔案不在本機電腦上播放,否則這種監控網卡流量的方式,幾乎是終極的辦法了! (在I’m Vlog網站不增加其他限制的情況下)

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