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http://tinyurl.com/4gg3a 」。安裝好後開啟PDF檔,把文字放大點再用「MWSnap」抓圖
2.接下來到「 http://tinyurl.com/bqvln 」下載SimpleOCR回來安裝,安裝完執行時,它
會要你選擇欲辨識的文字型態。按下〔Machine Print〕以辨認較清晰的印刷體與電腦文字
4.進入工作畫面,按下〔Add Page〕叫出「Select Source」對話盒,點選「File」後按下
6.回到工作畫面,如果還有抓其他JPG文字圖檔,可以繼續按下〔Add Page〕加入。全部圖
檔都加入後,按下〔Convert to text〕開始辨識的工作。
8.修改完畢確定沒問題後,按下功能表上的【File】→【Save As】,就可把辨識完畢的文

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  • Understanding what motivates an employee can take hours if not days of observation and interviews. Even then the results might be unpredictable and suspect. Behavioral and personality assessments, these reports can help take the guesswork out of engaging and motivating employees. All superior need to do then is uncover what motivates their subordinates. For the sake of simplicity, let's say motivation is a collection of learned attitudes and beliefs that energizes the behaviors, defines the values, and shapes the personality.

    (ii) Three types of assessment are particularly effective at predicting employee engagement and motivation:
    1. A behavioral style assessment identifies the behavioral styles that energize (and de-energize) individual employees.

    2. A values assessments like Business Values and Motivators can identify the five core values that motivate employees.
    - people-relating
    - places-being
    - activities-doing
    - knowledge-learning
    - things-getting/having
    3. A personality test such as Prevue or ASSESS can predict innate talent and job fit when compared to top-performer job profile. A good job fit is not only a good predictor of high performance but sustainable job satisfaction Personality tests are used to increase a hiring Hong Kong Government HR’s awareness about an applicant and improve their decision-making regarding a potential new employee. Prevue’s employee personality testing is used by companies to assess a candidate's suitability to the requirements of a job and the corporate culture. Prevue measures 3 key areas of psychological test used for hiring: General Abilities, Motivation and Interests and overall Personality. An individual’s scores are mapped against a Job Profile (benchmark) for determining suitability. Once a job candidate completes the Prevue’s HR personality tests, psychometric testing and the pre-employment tests give HR the insight the need to determine a candidate's job fit. Scroll down to learn about each aspect of the tests and see how to go beyond just personality tests to measure an employee's motivations and speed of learning

    The 3 HR Assessments test are:
    Prevue Abilities Tests:
    Often referred to as General Mental Ability, Cognitive Reasoning or learning speed this test measures a job candidate's abilities described in terms of working with Numbers (Numerical Reasoning); Words (Language Skills); and Shapes (Spatial Reasoning)

    Prevue Interest Inventory
    Provide an assessment of a candidate's areas of interest described in terms of their interest in working with Data; People; and Things

    Prevue Personality Inventory
    The Personality Assessment is based upon recognized personality scales for occupational assessment instruments. These are the major scales of Independence, Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Stability, (ICES). Each of these major scales is constructed from two sub-scales or minor scales, details of which are contained in the Prevue Assessment Technical Manual.
    Download Sample Reports Compare People to Jobs. The Prevue online web service automates the job analysis process and defines the ideal Abilities, Interests and Personality characteristics for any given position(s). The resulting outline of the ideal candidate for the job is called a Job Benchmark.

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