Just as the weather in Taipei, my life is quite sucks recently…The overloading schoolworks, the friction with the professor and even the lonely lonely last year of college life. I would go to have something sweet to ease the pain of my mind every time as I feel cast down.. Sometimes a piece of cake works a lot to me.


  I know L’amour from PTT (yes, the famous Bulletin Board System), lots of people  commend the Cheesecake of the coffee shop. I am looking for a better choice of New York Cheesecake than Yannick ( han I am almost get tired of it) for long time but in vain, therefore I didn’t expect too much of L’amour as the afternoon I visited it.


The inexpensive prices($50/per) impressed me at first sight..I am not a bargain hunter, however, I have to admit that most of the Cheesecakes in Taipei are too expensive,take 三槐堂, for example. It’s really a wonderful thing to enjoy a sweet snack at a low price for  such a poor student as me.

Well…What more important is…How was it taste? The New York Cheesecake here is pretty good compared to other bakery offerings so it gets second place for me .The only better one I used to try was in a small pizza shop somewhere by Paul’s high-school in New York but I think I don’t remember where it is now. The NewYork Cheesecake there was.. well...Just a NewYork Cheesecake..But I do miss the time which I spent with Paul a lot…


Hot Black Marry(Chocolate Brownie)   $50/pre

hum it's good but a little too sweet...and for a piece of brownie,it's a little too soft...



★☆★KI-Wang 小王子的異想世界★☆★

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